Preguntas más frecuentes

What is the schedule for each Product Launch Master Class Live?

The Product Launch Master Class Live is delivered in 4 online sessions. Each session is 3 hours long and is taught each week. The weekly sessions take a 10 minute break on the hour. Attendees will need access to Zoom for the Product Launch Master Class and office hour sessions.

How can I schedule the Product Launch Master Class Live for my team?

Yes. Send us an email at hello@brainkraft.com to describe your need. We can configure an option that best matches your need and timeframe.

Does BrainKraft have a community I can join?

Yes. Join our free, private product launch community. Did we say it's free?

What options do you have to support our implementation of the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework?

We offer several ways to help you implement the BrainKraft Product Launch Framework.

  • A free, private product launch community
  • Public events on launch topics - click here to get notified of upcoming events
  • Coaching - click here for more information on product launch coaching options
  • Regularly schedule open office hours

Do you provide help outside of the learning sessions?

Yes. You have unlimited access to regularly scheduled office hours. When you need more than provided by office hours we have private coaching sessions as well.

Are there makeup sessions if I miss a session?

No, we don't offer makeup sessions. However, customers of the BrainKraft Product Launch Master Class Live get lifetime access to the BrainKraft Product Launch Boot Camp On-Demand.